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 This Vaping Starter Kit is a great all in one ready to go vaping kit with a 900 battery and bottom fill dual coil tank. This kit takes you up a notch with great power and dual coil technology delivering a smoother vape with a few more clouds. Nothing complicated with this set up Charge, Fill and go, we’ve even thrown in a spare dual coil (1.5ohm) for good measures!

This Series 2 vaping Starter Kit contains a:

  • Universal 900mAh Battery.
  • Dual Coil Tank (1.8ml) Usually enough for an average day’s use
  • USB Charger with LED indicator
  • Connecting sleeve
  • 2 x 1.5 Ohm coils

As you would expect the 900 bigger battery holds more power so will last longer and is capable of delivering more power to your dual coil tank.

This battery also has the push button facility with a LED indicator to let you know when the battery requires charging.

Green = Fully charged

Amber = In need of charge

Red = Needs charging

The battery takes 2.0 – 2.5 hours to fully charge and will last you for around 800 puffs which is more than a days’ worth of vaping.

For safety and ease of transportation the battery can also be disabled by pressing the button 5 times in succession.  Only use the usb charger provided and when using a wall adaptor use a Liqualites manufactured one.

The Series 2 kit is great step up and gives you a better vape because it uses dual coil heating technology. This heats the liquid to a higher temperature and basically delivers more vapour. This tank is reusable but will require you to replace the coils to maintain the quality of vapour. This should be done, depending on how much you vape, every 2 weeks or so, but you should know when as the taste of the vapour will change.  Always check the ohm rating of the coil when you repurchase, we use 1.5ohms with this tank and battery and these are available to purchase under accessories. We have provided a window on the tank so you’ll always know when you need to top up your e liquid.

It is always a good idea once you have got started vaping to have 2 batteries so while one is charging you have the other to use.

Please note – To avoid the burning taste sometimes associated with vaping please ensure that you prime the wick within the tank. You can do this by connecting the tank to the battery and then drawing on the mouthpiece without pressing the battery button. This will allow the e liquid to soak into the wick and give you the best vaping experience from your device and liquid.

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